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Chew on this!

Rational in Portland Podcast - S03 E14 - Sharon Meieran for Multnomah County Chair

This is an important race. I encourage people to take a listen. Did you know that the county chair is responsible for health and safety? Think mental health and addiction services. The county chair's duties directly affects livability of the community. It also controls the funding for the cities within the county. The Joint Office of Homeless Services is one of the services the county allocates funds.
Part of the problem I feel we have a citizens, which Sharon also believes, is that we have no transparency as to how the funding is allocated. 

Oregon's mental health standard basically gives a person suffering from mental illness complete control over whether they receive treatment. They go into more detail in the podcast and I encourage you to think about if you think this is compassionate? Do you think someone suffering from mental illness should have full autonomy on whether they seek treatment or not? Or do you think that family and/or a professional should weigh in?

Hospitals sue Oregon Health Authority over failure to provide mental health facilities for patients

Portland Street Response equipped with van to hand out free supplies

Portland Street Response FAQ

The Trash Sheep team attended the Rocky Butte Neighborhood Resource Fair to get a better understanding of what our tax dollars are being put towards and how services are being used. 

The Portland Street Response team was a part of the panel discussion.
Did you know that after a street team member responds to a call about a person experiencing a mental health crisis and/or drug related episode, follow up services do not need to be enforced? The person is stabilized and then let back onto the streets. The current "compassionate" strategy is allowing them to repeat this vicious cycle.

Do you think this is compassionate? We don't.

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New details on ADA lawsuit against Portland finds Multnomah County gave thousands of tents and tarps to homeless campers

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